Micro Moulding

micro1Micro moulding miniature parts no matter how you spell it, Krauss Plastics has excellent experience in tooling and manufacturing micro size parts.

Micro-sized parts are produced in our own moulding machines, utilizing processes that we started over 48 years ago. Our micro-moulded parts range from about 1/2 inch in size to parts with features measured in thousands of an inch. These components often have tight tolerances.

Krauss Plastics has moulding machines for this unique capability. The machines can handle volumes from prototypes to millions parts per year while maintaining consistent, precise tolerances.

The specialized tooling and moulding may have lead times between two and three weeks.

Micro Moulding Robotic techniques

micro2 micro3


Krauss Plastics works with the full range of plastic resins.

  • Traditional resins
    • ABS
    • Acetyl
    • Acrylic
    • HDPE
    • HIPS
    • LDPE
    • Nylon
  • Engineering resins
    • PPS
    • LCP
    • TPE
    • PEEK